Thursday, January 7, 2010

a delightful day at the beach

lovely husband and i thought a 27 degree day would be a delightful way to spend a workless day. after a conversation that went a little to the tune of how about st kilda. no there are too many english tourists how about port melbourne. how do we get there? um, i don't know - what about sandringham? yeah okay, sandringham sounds nice we could go to that cafe you like. awesome. i put my bather on and said, so did we decide on st kilda?
i'm not joking, i'm just THAT stupid.

we got into our fuel guzzling mechanics dream of a car, but, even though i knew where we were going we couldn't go anywhere until we'd turned on the sat nav, selected the route and went in the direction her little monotone voice told us. of course the useless bitch told us to go down chapel street, which thankfully for me and grumpy groans and frustrated sighs lovely husband swung a right at alexandria and down st kilda - which probably wasn't much better. but that isn't the point - the point is don't buy ANYONE a sat nav.

we got to sandringham eventually and went to the cafe, then went to another one because first was mighty useless with its offerings. see photo attached. spent a copious amount of money on magazines full of clothes i can't afford, and even if i could... wouldn't wear (seriously, marc - bunny ears?? what you thinking, sister? apart from coke promo?) sat on the beach marvelled at how white my legs were next to the golden brown sand then went home and went to bed.

in case you were wondering... haven't read any more anna karenina

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