Tuesday, January 5, 2010

so this is the world of blogging, eh?
Has been strongly recommended to me by people who also have opinions on everything but lacking in audience... like me, for example... i have an opinion on everything. except now, faced with a teeny tiny white block of writing space. i got nothing but, hey, maybe if i keep writing then something will expose itself. like a paedophile. or perhaps, something less perverse and illegal.
saw a movie the other day, that one where everyone is blue and super, super tall - kind of look like lizard cats, avatar! what a great film. i was so surprised to enjoy it, i just went as a favour to my husband but i actually clapped when the bad guy died. smart idea to make those 3d glasses 'fashionable'. oh god whatever.

i'm reading anna karenina at the moment for the last six weeks... my god long novel, would it really have killed them to do some editing? i must go, no! drink some vodka. but i must go, maybe i will have vodka. oh dear, we are out of vodka. nevermind, i will go. bye. bye.

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